KInIT is opening a new PhD. program!

KInIT is opening a new PhD. program!

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Kempelen institute of intelligent technologies
Kempelenov inštitút inteligentných technológií Profil organizácie

The first independent institute focused on researching intelligent technologies in Slovakia is opening it's the very first PhD. programdirectly cooperating with industries and with an engagement of top scientists working at world-class universities and research teams of tech companies!


kempelenov inštitút
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Become an expert in artificial intelligence. Experience the leadership of top scientists from renowned foreign universities. Choose from interesting topics supported by the industry. Study and research with all advantages of full-time employment at KInIT, join the team of exceptional researchers and experience a unique KInIT culture.

Four reasons why PhD at KInIT

  1. Excel
    You’ll become a top expert in your selected field of intelligent technologies. You’ll make a contribution in the field that matters. With attention on ethical responsibility.

  1. GROW

When working on your dissertation, you’ll have access to a supervising team including industrial partners and/or a world expert from a respected research institution.

  1. Connect

You’ll be teamed up with the best researchers in the region. You’ll gain invaluable experience and contacts from abroad that will boost your career growth either in industry or academy.

  1. Enjoy

During your PhD study, you’ll be a full-time KInIT employee with all the benefits. You’ll experience a unique KInIT culture based on trust, openness and respect.


Either you are eligible for application yourself or know somebody who may be interested, we encourage you to spread the word about this program in your network to help the real center of excellence in Slovakia grow.

O autorovi

Kempelen institute of intelligent technologies

KInIT is an independent, non-profit institute dedicated to intelligent technology research. We bring together and nurture experts in artificial intelligence and other areas of computer science, with connections to other disciplines:

  • Information security

  • Web and user data processing including false information and malicious behavior modeling

  • Processing and comprehension of natural language

  • Data analysis for green energy

  • Ethics and human values in intelligent technologies