Junior Data Scientist

data science
computer vision
machine learning
Prague or also remote (online)
Start date
ASAP (by agreement)
Type of job offer
Full-time permanent employment
Monthly salary
1500 - 2500 €

Job description

  • Creative use of image processing algorithms in OpenCV, elimination of undesirable effects (eg change in light conditions)

  • Image processing as input, finding simple but robust patterns that are easily recognisable by humans

  • Cleaning and processing the resulting data for meaningful visualisation

  • Designing and implementing the process of continual improvement of the algorithms

Who are we looking for


  • Fluency in Python

  • Fluency in basic Python libraries (Numpy/Scipy/Matplotlib)

  • Reasonable knowledge of Pandas

  • Practical understanding of maths behind machine learning (gradients, optimisation methods)

  • Ability to write code in Linux/Bash

  • Willingness to learn, improve and become expert in several of these areas

  • Ability to deliver fast and plausible solutions that are not necessarily perfect

Nice to have:

  • Experience with OpenCV

  • Practical knowledge of Tensorflow/Keras

  • C++/algorithms/data structures

  • Docker and similar deployment tools

Why should you choose us

  • Build a scalable product to disrupt manufacturing, a massive (5tn), omnipresent but publicly invisible industry with processes waiting for automation

  • Work on the future of Europe. Preserve/build welfare in your own country or region that is heavily dependent on manufacturing

  • Work on something tangible. We install our devices in factories and monitor actual machines

  • No-bullshit culture and understanding of need for deep thinking necessary to solve hard problems (founders with scientific/engineering background, PhDs and publications in top scientific journals)

  • Become a number <10 team member of an early-stage startup

  • Stock options

Language proficiency

  • - English - C1 - advanced


  • University student
  • A recent college graduate
  • Young professional (work experience up to 3 years from college graduation)
  • Professional


LinkedIn Profile

About organization

We build computer vision and AI-driven digital performance management tools to increase the effectiveness of series production across the world (a 5tn market).
4. 1. 2022
10. 1. 2022

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