U. S. Steel Košice, s.r.o.

U. S. Steel Košice, s.r.o.

Vstupný areál U. S. Steel, 044 54, Košice
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IČO: 36199222
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O organizácii

• We are an integrated steelmaking company with more than 50 years of tradition
• Our parent organization is a world-class steel producer, United States Steel Corporation
• Our annual raw steel production capability is 4.5 million metric tons
• We employ almost 11 000 people

Our product mix comprises high value-added products suitable for applications in the automotive, packaging, electrotechnical, consumer goods and building industries. Their high quality is guaranteed by our QMS in line with ISO 9001. We also hold several other international certificates.

We produce:

•    Hot Rolled Products
•    Cold Rolled Products
•    Electrical Products
•    Hot Dip Galvanized Products
•    Organic Coated Products
•    Tin-plated Products
•    Spiral Welded Pipes

We apply 5 core business values in our production activities, communication with our employees and business partners

  • Safety - protecting the health and welfare of employees, contractors and visitors is the Company’s top priority

  • Diversity and Inclusion - respecting the diversity and talents of employees, recognizing their contributions to the overall success of the Company

  • Cost, Quality and Customers - providing high-quality products and services to customers and business partners while being cost effective

  • Results and Accountability - achieving long-term profitability in a responsible and ethical manner

  • Environmental Stewardship - running steelmaking operations with the lowest possible impact on the environment, and in compliance with environmental laws and regulations