Sensible Biotechnologies

Sensible Biotechnologies

Bioinnovation Hub, OX3, Oxford, Veľká Británia a Severné Írsko
IČO: 54256861
lab research
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O organizácii

What do we do?

Sensible Biotechnologies is changing the manufacturing paradigm for messenger RNA. The company is led by a young and dynamic team, is financed by world’s top biotech and tech investors, YCombinator the US-based Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority-supported accelerator, and supported by the global bio-manufacturing and synthetic biology experts and life science business leaders.

The Sensible Bio Platform
mRNA is typically made via cell-free methods. By leveraging processes in engineered living cells, we produce high-quality mRNA in a cost-efficient and scalable fashion.

  • long mRNA opens the path towards novel mRNA-based modalities

  • naturally modified mRNA increases the efficacy of mRNA therapies

  • cost-effective mRNA manufacturing improves access to mRNA technology

  • scalable mRNA production strengthens biosecurity and supply chain resilience

We are combining principles of cell engineering, computational biology and precision fermentation to build the cell-based platform for the manufacturing and design of mRNA vaccines and therapeutics.

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