Parko Limited s.r.o.

Parko Limited s.r.o.

Drieňová 1J, 821 01, Bratislava - mestská časť Ružinov
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IČO: 53513576
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supply chain management
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O organizácii

Parko Group Holding is developing in several directions, providing services in the field of HR, registration of LLCs and Sole Proprietorship, agricultural trading and logistics.

We started with the opening of the Parko Staff recruitment agency, which now cooperates with leading industries in Slovakia.

Based on our experience in the HR business and understanding of key needs, we developed an innovative platform for recruitment agencies – Parko User, allowing us to optimise the work of HR professionals.

We also created Úkon.sk, a web service for registering companies and private businesses online, which greatly simplifies the process of doing business and provides useful additional services for new businesses.

The crucial part of our holding company is AV Parko, which deals with the import and logistics of agricultural crops to EU countries.

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