Luigi's Box

Luigi's Box

Tallerova 4, 81102, Bratislava
IČO: 50641671
data analysis
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O organizácii

Luigi's Box is a Bratislava-based company founded in 2016 with the intent to provide intuitive site-search and product discovery tools for online businesses. Nowadays everything is done online, making the website visitor experience more important than ever. Visitors often use a site’s search feature to find information or products, so it’s imperative that it functions properly. Luigi's Box ensures that your site delivers fast, relevant, and personalized results for every inquiry.
Our tools are built for online businesses across many different sectors. With constant innovation being at the core of our DNA, we strive to bring the highest quality tools to our clients. Smart, personalized, context-aware and at the same time scalable, easy to deploy & manage.

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