Institute of Language Technology and Education s. r. o.

Institute of Language Technology and Education s. r. o.

Bernolákova 783/51, 029 01, Námestovo
IČO: 52849082
digital innovation
foreign languages
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O organizácii

Who are we?

We are a small startup of cool people based in Slovakia and all over the world. We share a passion for what we do. Over the last three years, we’ve worked with over dozes of students and some professors. Only recently, we turned the idea into a startup. We received the EXIST business startup grant from the German government and an investment from a Slovak investment fund.

What do we do?

We are reducing inequalities by helping people own their English. How? English should not be the reason why you won't get a job, a higher salary, or a boyfriend. That's why we are creating a smart assistant Elia which connects English learning to tour daily routines, e.g. writing an email at work; watching a favorite video on YouTube; or reading an article for your biology class. Elia is based on 1,687 studies from cognitive linguistics and is developed using machine learning and natural language processing techniques.