InoBat Auto j.s.a

InoBat Auto j.s.a

Mostová 6, 811 02, Bratislava
Súkromný sektor
IČO: 52 648 192
electric vehicle
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O organizácii

InoBat is a Slovakia-based R&D and production company established in January 2019 focusing on the development of innovative battery and energy solutions across the whole value chain. At InoBat, sustainability lies at its core, with our aim to create meaningful impact – such as the acceleration of the world's transition to electromobility and redefinition of the life on the move. Headquartered in Bratislava, Slovakia, we attract global talents to whom green future is a number one priority. We focus on enhancing a culture of co-creation and offer a wide network of like-minded individuals, who wish to be at the forefront of the energy revolution.

We celebrate and thrive on diversity across the organisation - we give emphasis to merits, ownership, and personal growth without glass ceilings. At InoBat, we focus on entrepreneurial leadership, with proactive approach and value creation, as the growth of our employees means the growth of us as a company.

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