HardWood VetCare j. s. a.

HardWood VetCare j. s. a.

Stromová 54, 831 01, Bratislava - mestská časť Nové Mesto
Súkromný sektor
IČO: 53262786
veterinárna starostlivosť
private equity
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O organizácii

We are the largest and fastest growing group of veterinary clinics that have decided to join forces in order to raise the level of veterinary care in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

We are building a market leader in veterinary care by bringing together the most successful clinics under one roof and bringing them to the level of the top hospital standard of human medicine of the 21st century.

We founded VetCare Group in 2019 and today, with 9 veterinary centers in the Czech Republic and Slovakia (including the largest veterinary hospitals in both countries), with a combined acquisition and organic revenue growth of 100% p.a., we are the fastest growing veterinary consolidation platform in Central Europe.

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