G-Force, s. r. o.

G-Force, s. r. o.

Mlynské nivy 5, 821 09, Bratislava - mestská časť Ružinov
IČO: 53 527 798
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O organizácii

Climate change is the greatest challenge of our lifetime. If we don’t dramatically change how we live, eat, produce and move around, the Earth will become uninhabitable for humans.

At G-Force, we are building the world’s leading climate-tech hub, accelerating the adoption of the most promising technologies, on the path to a Net Zero Planet. 

Powered by Founders Factory, one of leading early stage investment groups in Europe and backed by successful tech entrepreneurs, G-Force is a climate-tech pre/seed investment programme.

We help mission-driven founders build scalable, globally successful climate-tech companies that help reduce global greenhouse gas emissions. We support them with cash investment, grant financing, product-market fit, establishing commercial deals, designing the right business models, strategic partnerships, media coverage, introductions to top VCs etc.

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