Datacop s.r.o.

Datacop s.r.o.

Šancová 48, 81104, Bratislava
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O organizácii

We believe that Datacop is at the edge of innovation, when it comes to working with data & innovation in e-commerce companies. Our mission is to unlock as much value as possible* from data for e-commerce marketing teams. Founded in 2020, today we are now a team of 5. Currently, we are the data & innovation partners of a few e-commerce marketing teams in Slovakia and the US that make 50m EUR+ annually in revenue on average. The Datacop founders are drawing on the experience of engaging with the data problems and data solutions of 30+ e-commerce companies. In addition, the team is incorporating experience from their previous roles as the Head of Data & Reporting at Exponea, Site Analyst at Amazon UK and a MSc in Business Analytics.

We have two flagship projects, with which we hope to achieve our mission objectives.

  1. The first is the development of the “Datacop Analytics Framework”. Our ambition is to create a 5-10x better analytics framework than the one currently understood as “best practice” in the e-commerce digital analytics world. Feel free to read about an analytics improvement we have developed here: https://www.datacop.services/post/product-catalog-analysis

  2. The second is the design & development of radical new e-commerce use-cases. An example of that would be “Homepage Personalisation” → a responsive design of the homepage that changes a lot depending on the stage of the customer in their interest funnel. Feel free to read about an example we did here: https://www.datacop.services/post/datacop-case-study-growth-hacking

While we do not have many partnerships at the moment, we are developing deep and long-lasting cooperations. Demand for our work keeps increasing and is now beyond our limit of what we can deliver each month. we are looking for someone to become a Datacop Consultant to support our growing business. Our ambition is to grow to a company where we are the data & innovation partner to 10 large e-commerce firms in Europe or the US.