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O organizácii

Airvolute provides state-of-the-art solutions for autonomous vehicles with a high level of AI capabilities on the edge. Our solutions are typically used for UAS applications such as advanced surveillance, first emergency response, and infrastructure inspections.

Our main mission is to help resolve real-world challenges by AI-driven autonomous systems. Our strategy is to provide these autonomous capabilities in the form of a modular open-architecture platform which can serve as a basis for myriads of different applications.

Thanks to our extremely talented and motivated team, we maintain an enormous competitive edge in AI-powered autonomy particularly in GNSS-denied environments.

Airvolute’s flagship product, the DroneCore autopilot, has become an instant bestseller with >300 pcs sold to businesses and governments across 18 countries. In 2023, we have substantially improved functionality and design of the DroneCore to make it even more modular and flexible for a variety of use cases. DroneCore 2.0 was born.

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