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O organizácii

FTRNW is FutureNow. An ecosystem that groups together innovators, trailblazers, disruptors, and tech enthusiasts and plugs them in Central Europe.

Our mission is to help build a wide and inclusive innovation ecosystem across CEE and thus inspire people of all ages to become entrepreneurs. Through our events, physical and digital alike, we want to inspire people from all walks of life to interact and create impactful connections. We want to help startups to break free from their own bubble in order to let innovative thinking sip through every aspect of our lives, no matter your background.

9 years ago, we created the first startup competition in Slovakia, the Startup Awards. Almost a decade later, our mission has expanded beyond our borders to become one of the largest competitions in Central and Eastern Europe. With the introduction of the FTRNW Conference three years ago, the event also attracted world renowned entrepreneurs from across the globe to our birth town of Bratislava. From 2018 onwards, FTRNW serves as an umbrella for all of our activities: FTRNW Tuesdays, FTRNW Awards and FTRNW Conference.

This year, in light of the challenges posed by the global pandemic, we have designed a fully digital bootcamp to help support the growth of early-stage startups from the comfort of their homes.

Find out more: https://ftrnw.org/startups/

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