Viktor Stefanak

Viktor Stefanak
Bratislava, Bratislavský kraj, Slovensko

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Passion, curiosity, freedom. I am a perfect networker, content marketing lover, wannabe speaker and sales persona. I have always wanted to improve surroundings. This is how it became my lifestyle pleasure. A trip to the USA really helped me to shape my future career steps. Right now, I am on the career pathway. To help the youngster with the business or to launch a healthy well-being lifestyle business? Or to join a great sales team? Also like to explore different countries (35+ and counting...), meet fascinating people, always see things from the other point of view and surround me with the best ones. That is the reason, I have traveled around Europe, SE Asia and the USA. I love to read about successful people and always try to bring the added value. The best ways to relax? Workouts, read about business, listen to podcasts & music & dance or learn something innovative (like bachata). With my team, we did found 2 startups, from scratch, bootstrapped them and have found first customers. I was fired after 2 years from both of them. It helped me to get the experience of how to start again, how to build the team and split the tasks. I love to inspire and talk to young people about business, how to launch your ideas and start with nothing. If you have a lot of tasks to execute and I love your ideas and project, I am the perfect fit for your team, as COO or a member of the marketing / sales team. Current part of: - https://zero2hero.sk/ - https://www.lifelike.sk/ - Rozbehnisa.sk

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  • mladého profesionála (prac. skúsenosti do 3 rokov od ukončenia VŠ)
  • vysokoškoláka
  • stredoškoláka
  • startup
  • študentský projekt

  • dlhodobý mentoring

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