Peter Barcak

Peter Barcak
Founder & CEO @ CredoLab
SDA Bocconi, Milan, General Management, 2015
Dubai, SAE - Spoj. Arab. Emiráty

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Boasting over 20 years of extensive management expertise, I have refined my competencies in change management, new business development, and strategic planning within a diverse array of industries, multinational corporations and start-ups. My global exposure, having resided in six countries, has fostered a broad understanding and appreciation of various business cultures and practices.

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change management
team leadership

Pracovné skúsenosti

Founder & CEO @ CredoLab
CredoLab develops credit risk digital scorecards to help banks and lenders accept more customers and lower the cost of risk of individuals, even those without a credit history, by using 1st party and anonymous smartphone and web behavioural metadata.
2016 - súčasnosť


MBA, General Management
SDA Bocconi, Milan
2014 – 2015


  • profesionála
  • startup

  • jednorazová konzultácia
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