Gabriel Hradilek

Gabriel Hradilek
Dublin, Írsko

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Viac o mne

Over twenty years Gabriel has developed senior-level operational, P&L, business and strategic leadership in IT. He has formed his personal brand, unique skills and eminence by designing and driving innovative digital transformation solutions for key clients in Europe. Trust, curiosity and agility to drive change in new, innovative and inspiring ways was the key reason, why clients have decided to engage Gabriel. His stewardship and passion was instrumental in managing a turnaround of low performing Cloud Application Services practice into the biggest and fastest growing one. Gabriel has driven more than 200 people large IT organization in Central Europe, as part of IBM`s Delivery Centers Europe network. He was awarded with “CEE Application Management Services Champion”. On his cross industry innovation mission, Gabriel was obsessed with continuous improvement and not afraid to challenge assumptions. Therefore he has taken an opportunity to lead base account growth at a global scale in IBM Global Business Services. Gabriel’s Global Client Innovation program has delivered more than $250m in cost savings, wider client's NPS improvement and visibility across geographies. That was the reason why executive summary of the program was regularly reported to one of IBM board member.

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