Talent Acquisition Specialist

výberové konania
Bratislava or also remote (online)
Start date
ASAP (by agreement)
Type of job offer
Full-time permanent employment
Monthly salary
possible work on contract/TPP
1200 - 1800 €

Job description

Hello from Vestberry! To set the scene - we grew from co-founder-led “project” to mature startup (from 14 to 40 Vestberrians) this year, and we expect to grow very similarly in the next 12 months 🦄

That is important as we want to become the go-to solution for venture capital & private equity investors and grow our product. Hence, we are looking for a networker, a people enthusiast and a doer, who will help us find and recruit the best people we'll build our company with.

Imagine you want to build the best teams in the region. Where do you start? What research would you make?

What would most of your days look like?

You will be headhunting managers, executives, and specialist roles like engineering, product, and fund finance (mostly in the CEE region).

What would take a lot of your time is:

  • Designing new positions and making sure everyone is on the same page 📜
    You will have a great impact in the role-definition and recruitment-definition process. Together with hiring managers you’ll be able to discuss and recommend who, when and where we should hire next. Of course, we count on you so that everyone stays aligned and up to date.

  • Sourcing and some detective work 🔍
    You will be looking for answers to questions like “where can we find our new fund manager?” or “what is the best platform for recruitment of Node js developers?”.
    You will also be reaching out to candidates, evaluating them (we will completely trust your candidate evaluation) and improving our hiring process and candidate experience.
    We have a generous referral program, and we believe you can help us make it even better.

  • The old but gold Recruitment 💰
    You will be leading initial interviews with candidates to assess their relevance to the role and Vestberry culture. What is cool about this part is that you will meet each and every one of our new colleagues, and together with our operations team, you’ll make sure their onboarding is as smooth as a baby kitten’s fur.

If that sounds like a match, let us know. You will work in a 2-person team with our People leader (currently hiring, our outgoing consultant Miška will onboard you through the transition), Táňa in operations, and our COO Tomáš. We are a small, but growing team, which means you'll have exposure to our entire leadership.

Who are we looking for

We are looking for someone with previous experience combining sourcing and recruitment (whether in-house or agency). Ideally, you already experienced a fast-growing organization or high-velocity hiring in an agency.

Regardless of the specifics of your career journey, you should be able to demonstrate:

  • Experience with sourcing and recruiting (internship/volunteering project/own business/employment 6+ months)

  • Personal affection for structure and order.

  • Love for automation and technology so that you continuously improve our flow.

  • Strong ownership where no task is beneath you.

  • Chill and pragmatic attitude to get shit done.

  • Conversational English.

We have extensive experience working remotely but believe this role is best suited for someone willing to spend 50+% of their time in the office with us in Bratislava.

🧠 Fun things you can try

If you are curious about startup/scaleup-building and wish to try other activities “outside your role scope”, you’re in the right place. Here are just a few things you can try and learn about while in this role. We will support you and give you the space to learn additional skills:

  • Improving our internal projects such us onboarding

  • Shaping Vestberry community and designing new (internal & external) events

  • Publish your thoughts through articles

  • Brainstorming strategy

Why should you choose us

What we offer:

We believe Vestberry is an opportunity to work on a successful local project in the fintech sector with clients worldwide. It's still “just work,” and we try not to take ourselves too seriously, but we place importance on creating an environment where we can enjoy ourselves most of the time.

Vestberry isn't our first rodeo. While our average age is 30, we've already been through stuff, know where our boundaries are and have a culture where it's OK to admit we don't know something. That's why we love people who know more than us and frequently engage them as consultants or hire them full-time. Also, we have an atmosphere of mutual trust and growth. We share “typically hidden” details during our all-hands, answer all questions, and often have team-generated sessions where we learn from each other.

Work-life balance

  • Vacation days & sick days: Take the time you need to recharge and come back full of new ideas and energy. Everyone is guaranteed a minimum of 20 - 25 vacation days.

  • Flexible hours & work from home: We let you structure your work schedule around your needs and it is up to you where you work. We welcome you to join us in the office from time to time.

  • MultiSport card: Everyone gets a fully paid MultiSport card to enjoy various sports and wellness facilities.

Team bonding

  • Quality time with the founders: Get 1on1 time with a founder to talk about anything. Share your ideas, ask for advice or just bond. Book one of the "Talk to me about anything” slots in their calendar.

  • Company offsites: Twice per year, we get away from the office for a few days, reflect, and have meaningful discussions about strategy, and the future of the organization.

  • Team breakfast: Twice a month, we take a long morning and catch up with colleagues from other teams on both work & fun topics over a delicious breakfast.

Office life

  • Great office location: We’ve got a private office within Campus Cowork in Bratislava's city center, overlooking the Presidential Palace (say hello to Madam President). There is a rooftop terrace on the 7th floor as well.

  • Pet-friendly colleagues: Most of our colleagues have a dog or other pets. We even have a #cutenessoverload channel on Slack where you share your cute pet moments. Anyhow, your furry friend is welcome to join you at the office.

  • Plants all around: Forget about the concrete jungle and unwelcoming office buildings. In the Vestberry office, there are more plants than people. Welcome to our jungle.

  • On-site coffee shop: Need a coffee break? Campus Cowork has an on-site coffee shop with great coffee and various snacks. Order a cup of coffee and head to the 7th-floor rooftop terrace to enjoy it.

Language proficiency

  • - English - B2 - upper intermediate


  • A recent college graduate
  • Young professional (work experience up to 3 years from college graduation)
  • Professional

About organization

​​Hello from Vestberry! For the last four years, we've been building a fintech analytical tool that's helping manage billions of dollars worth of Private Equity & Venture Capital fund investments...