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If you want to try what it feels like to work on fast-growing products with the highest level of engineering standards, we got you covered! Join our engineering team and work on projects straight out of Silicon Valley, while using modern technologies like React, React Native, Node.JS and GraphQL.
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At Sudolabs we are expanding our technology team. We're looking for JS developers, who have some experience with React and/or Node.js. We currently have open several positions with different tech levels from mid to team lead.

You will work in a team of 3-5 engineers using agile development processes, always working on one project at a time. Prepare for detailed code reviews and pair programming.

We’re working with startups and scale-ups across multiple industries. Our usual client is the founder of a SaaS startup. 95% of our projects are greenfield projects.

Our clients are mainly based in the USA (California, Florida, New York) and Europe (Slovak Republic, Czechia, Germany).

You can read more about contributing guidelines here:

Detailed responsibilities for specific tech levels check here:

Read also more about our tech culture here:

Koho hľadáme

  • JS developers, who have some experience with React and/or Node.js

  • Code quality is one of the most important things for us, so we expect you to care about the code you write

  • Product-oriented thinking

  • The ability to work independently, as well as in a team environment

  • We’re expecting you to do 100% for delivering on what we agreed on together

  • You should be eager to learn new things and improve your skills

  • We’re expecting you to be open-minded, share feedback, and spread knowledge to other team members, contributing to our knowledge base and from time to time organizing discussions, and events.

  • Ready to work full-time

  • English speaking

    Tech stack, we’re using:

    • React (Next.js, Gatsby, CRA)

    • Apollo Client

    • React Native

    • Node.js

    • Express

    • Apollo Server

    • GraphQL & REST

    • MySQL

    • PostgreSQL

    • MongoDB

    • DynamoDB

    • AWS

    • render.com

    • Firebase

Prečo si vybrať nás

What working with us means:

🖋 Extensive code reviews
Code review is equally important as writing code.
We are doing it to:
- share knowledge about helpful patterns and best practices
- discuss alternative approaches and viewpoints
- improve readability and maintainability of the code
- allow developers of all levels of experience to learn

👨‍🚀 Always exploring
We always look for better solutions and ways how to improve developer experience, time-to-marker, and the most important final product. Any research of new technology is highly welcomed and appreciated.

👥 Pair programming
We regularly mark issues suitable for pair programming with the special label and plan these types of issues into the sprints.

🎓 Personal development
We keep track of topics we are currently learning in a special repository. To encourage learning you get 12 days/year in your work-time to learn new things.

🌱 Mentorship
You will have regular 1on1s with company tech. leads and your team lead. We care about our team members carrer progress and together we are trying to find the best way to progress further.

💡 Knowledge-base
We are contributing to our internal knowledge base where we are spreading knowledge gathered at projects across the whole team.

💬 Tech. talks
Another way how we are sharing knowledge is through regular tech. talks on various topics which are in the form of discussions, talks, or workshops.

📚 Courses, books & workshops
Any education material you need for your progress is on us.

✍️ Giving back to the community
Publishing on our company blog, contributing to open-source or just working on your side-project. All of these activities are very welcomed and supported.

‍️🏄‍♂️ Flexibility
No office hours and mandatory presence, you decide whether to work from home, remotely or from the office

🏙 Brand new offices in the center of Košice
A place for our team to meet and have a good time over a cup of coffee. Working from anywhere has its own benefits but have an opportunity to come and meet your colleagues in person could be really beneficial. Also, we serve snacks, and breakfast every week.

🍰 Team-buildings and company retreats
We've been to Tenerife, try surfing, go-carts, rafting, toboggans, and many more exciting activities together. If you are not an adrenaline freak don’t worry, we also love to play desk/video games or just go out and have some beers.

💻 Hardware package
You get a brand new MacBook Pro and the setup you need for comfortable work.


  • Čerstvý absolvent vysokej školy
  • Mladý profesionál (prac. skúsenosti do 3 rokov od ukončenia VŠ)
  • Profesionál


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Sudolabs was founded with a clear goal: to deliver high-quality code using modern technologies. Along the way, we gained a lot of experience from various industries and now we can proudly say we’re ex..
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