The tasks ahead of us include: studying effects of renewable resources on power grid, discovery of renewable resources’ potential in Slovakia, development of methods for efficient renewable energy usage, creating intuitive decision making tools for energy market stakeholders.
Machine learning
Artificial Intelligence
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We seek reinforcements for our team solving the challenges in the green energy domain (renewable resources’ forecasting, grid simulations and optimization). Our goal is to support the energy market stakeholders.

In this position, you will contribute to the design and implementation of various visualization tools for households or small and medium enterprises and building tools for our research and innovation projects in the domain of data analytics for green energy.

Koho hľadáme

  • You are a university student in any of the areas (or related):

    • Artificial Intelligence, Data Science

    • Computer Science

    • Software Engineering

  • Some experience with web development and programming  (e.g. passed several university courses) is welcome

  • Preferred technologies: Python, R, JavaScript, Jupyter, Git, GitHub, Docker, AWS, Pandas, scikit-learn – it is not expected to have experience with all mentioned technologies

  • Further nice-to-have skills (not required, you will learn them in KInIT):

    • Machine learning

    • Software development and deployment

Prečo si vybrať nás

Benefits of the internship:

  • You will improve your data analysis, machine learning and programming skills. 

  • You will learn about the inner workings of the energy market and energy grids.

  • You will have opportunities to meet the Slovak elites in areas of AI.

  • You will work with a very friendly team.

Znalosť jazyka

  • - English - B2 - stredne pokročilý


  • Študent vysokej školy

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