Innovative English Language and Composition Teacher

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leaf academy
anglický jazyk
Start date
15 August 2022
Type of job offer
Full-time permanent employment
Monthly salary
Compensation for the role is starting from 1330 euro base, depending on the qualification and track record of final candidate.
from 1330 €

Job description

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to help build a world-class innovative educational institution. LEAF Academy is looking for an Innovative English Language and Composition Teacher. Some knowledge of the Central European region and history is highly beneficial as is the experience in curriculum planning and development. 

Students in Years 1, 2 and 3 (aged 15-18) study English Writing and Rhetoric as part of our unique LEAF Academy curriculum. We are looking for someone to take them on the journey from forming more complex sentences to a good argumentative paragraph, all the way to different types of essays and individual research. They continue their English path either by taking AP English Composition or AP English Literature.

We consider ourselves to be a community of learners where the learning happens for all parties concerned. Our lessons are student-centred and focus on developing students’ own thinking strategies and quality questioning. We use visible thinking techniques and other innovative teaching approaches that allow adaptation to different students’ needs. Learners focus on their individual growth that is recorded in an assessment that stems from competency-based rubrics. Students are encouraged to reflect on their work as well as the work of the teacher and to make connections to real life. 

Besides of teaching you would be responsible for:

  • advisory (part of the full-time contract): a person is responsible for a small group of students, and she/he is providing support to students when necessary

  • residential duties (expected): regular weekday and weekend duties in the dormitory

Who are we looking for

  • Working with young adults/teenagers

  • Teaching advanced English and academic writing

  • Working with students for whom English is a second language

  • Advanced English writing and speaking skills (native proficiency)

  • Highly communicative person

Why should you choose us

This is a once in lifetime opportunity to help build a world class innovative educational institution.

Language proficiency

  • - English language - C2 - proficient


  • - Teaching - proficiency

Additional information

The selection process will include interviews with various team members and assignment. We take hiring very seriously and want to make as sure as possible that new members of our team will not only be excellent at what they do, but also passionate for both the role and LEAF Academy mission and thriving in our culture - the side effect being that hiring process can take longer in some cases.


  • Professional
31. May 2022

About organization

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