1st technical person in startup, potential co-founder

Looking for the biggest challenge of your professional career? We are building the 1st AI-based therapist, that people will talk to via video/voice/text. In 3-7 years it will reach the same quality as talking to a human therapist and thus democratize the access to mental health care for everybody.
Conversation design
software development
software infrastructure
Bratislava or also remote (online)
Start date
ASAP (by agreement)
Type of job offer
Full-time permanent employment
Monthly salary
Possible equity, Possible part-time commitment
1 - 5000 €

Job description

You will be the first person on the team with a technical background. You will be responsible for starting up the product development - you will be calling the shots on whether you want to do the first development yourself or start building a team, hire an external vendor, license, and integrate some other solution that partly fulfills what we need etc. You will decide about the technical stack and you will help us figure out how much money we will need to raise for the technology development. But at the end of the day, we are a self-managing organization with zero hierarchy, so you will define the scope of the work for yourself.

Who are we looking for

1. The most important hiring factor for us is your alignment with our mission, vision, and purpose. We are trying to create a World where everybody believes they can achieve anything both in their personal and professional life. We figured that the first step on this journey is democratizing access to mental health care and the best way to achieve that is by building a virtual AI-powered therapist you can talk to via video/voice/text and can have even 1 000 000 conversations simultaneously and in different languages.

2. The second most important factor for us is the alignment with our culture and values. By culture, we mean we are a self-managing/TEAL organization inspired by Frederic Laloux Reinventing organizations book. What does it mean? There will be as much guidance as possible all the way of course, but you will need to be able to define your scope of work, be responsible for the results, and even define your own salary - which will be also completely transparent to every member of the company, etc.

For now, we have 4 values:

Love - We´re a relationship-based organization. Friends first, colleagues second. We´re passionate about getting closer to our purpose while understanding that there are more important things in life, such as fulfilling relationships and strong health.

Purpose - Everything we do, we do with a clear purpose in mind. Everyone understands the company´s purpose, vision, and mission, and how they can contribute to achieving them. Always asking the question "Are we best serving our purpose?"

Courage - We have the courage to make bold decisions, test innovative solutions, iterate quickly, and fail often. All in order to achieve maximum progress. We have the courage to show our whole selves at work and also to present "love" as one of our core business values :))

Solution Focus - We´re always asking empowering questions such as: "How it can be done?" , "What´s the best way to get there?" , "What can we learn from this failure or success?" We support each other and cheer each other up!

3. Only after we have evaluated the first two steps and both sides decide we are a fit, we will start talking more deeply about your past experiences and skills. And why do we put it only in the 3rd place of importance for us? We believe that if you are passionate about the purpose, mission, and vision and you are aligned with values and the culture, and feel good working with other co-workers, then you can learn any skill necessary to achieve good results in a couple of months or maybe even couple of weeks. This holds true, especially in the startup environment.

Thus adaptability, and willingness to learn new things quickly might be actually more valuable to achieving the company's purpose that any specific skill or experience you already have.

We are building the AI-powered therapist/coach so it is definitely a plus if you have some experience working with AI, NLP, Conversational AI but it is definitely not necessary. You should have some technical background and experience, though. What does that mean exactly? We are not really sure :)) We will choose the person who will be the best purpose, mission, vision, values and cultural fit and work with whatever technical experience they will have.

Why should you choose us

We are currently working on creating 1st fully autonomous AI-powered virtual psychotherapist that you could talk to via text and video and she will be able to handle even 1 000 000 conversations at the same time if needed. It is estimated to reach the quality of talking to a human psychotherapist in 3 to 7 years. (3 years is the best-case scenario, 7 years is the worst-case scenario)

Also, we might run out of money before the product will be ready for the public roll-out, in which case some other company will be able to use our work and learnings and come up with the solution themselves, which will be still a good enough result because we helped the mankind progress.

The TOP3 problems we are trying to tackle with this solution are:

a) Unavailability or inaccessibility of mental health care - People don't know where to go or how to find a good coach/therapist when they realize they have a mental health challenge they would like to talk about with an experienced professional. Also, there is a great shortage of (good) mental health professionals.

b) High price of mental health care - Not everybody could afford to pay 30-100€ or even more for an hour with a therapist/coach (And of course, many times, more than one session is needed to make a progress even when a very effective approach such as solution-focused brief therapy/coaching is applied )

c) Fear of judgment - There are a lot of people who are aware of their mental health challenges, and even can access and afford a mental health professional but they don't do it because they are afraid of being judged - either by people around them for even seeking therapy or by an actual human therapist or coach when revealing their true feelings and behaviors in front of them.

Why I started the company (Direct speech from Valerián Lukačko)

The reason why I started the company was that I myself was dealing with several different mental health issues throughout my life. I know how painful it could be and how much mental energy it costs a person to deal with such mental health challenges on daily basis without any help. The valuable mental energy that the person could otherwise spend building deep relationships with people around them, taking good care of themselves, learning new things, and following their purpose or passion.

I also experienced a situation where I knew I had a severe mental health challenge and I wanted to seek professional help but I didn't know where to find it, I definitely couldn't afford to pay for it and I was very much afraid to share my experience with any other human being, let alone some human therapist I am just meeting for the first time.

If we do a GREAT job at Happynea then nobody will ever have to experience that and nobody would feel completely alone when tackling their mental health challenges. On the other hand, people will have much more mental energy to focus on doing things that actually help them feel happy and fulfilled. If this feels like a worthwhile cause to you then let's definitely be in touch!“

P.S. Do we want to substitute human therapists? Definitely not. Already today there is a huge shortage of mental health professionals, so even people who could afford to see a human therapist are waiting weeks or even months to see one. In 2025, it is estimated that only in the USA there will be a shortage of 70 000 mental health workers. So what we want to actually do is help people who wouldn´t get to see a therapist otherwise for various reasons and people with low to medium mental health challenges, enabling the human therapists to spend more quality time on people with severe mental health challenges or use cases that are hard to address via technology (for example any kind of therapy that includes more than 1 person such as couples therapy, family therapy, group therapy)

Actual benefits when working WITH Happynea

- You will learn a lot
- Unlimited coaching (with a human)
- Working with great people who will become your friends
- Full freedom, autonomy and responsibility
- Unlimited potential impact of your work

Language proficiency

  • - English - B2 - upper intermediate

Additional information

We don´t care about your CV much. Just let us know what got your interest in this job offer and why you think you would be a great fit. Bonus points if you also write us "What is the most courageous thing you have ever done in your life" Further explanation of 1 - 5000€ salary. We are currently starting to raise money and talk to investors so the first months of our cooperation will be probably unpaid. It will be up to you whether it would be just a few hours a week besides your current job or if you could dedicate your whole work time to us even before we raise the money and can actually pay you. Also there is company equity and co-founder status on the table. Our main goal is to find a person who will be as much aligned as possible with company´s purpose, values and culture and we believe that with such a person we can reach an agreement that would fulfill the needs of both sides.


  • Young professional (work experience up to 3 years from college graduation)
  • Professional
  • A recent college graduate
  • University student


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