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Integra Centre - dobrovoľnícky tábor

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4. sep 2022
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DATES: 04.09. 2022 - 10.09. 2022

TYP: social


PLACE: Bratislava


It is necessery to send an application form:

Volunteering help

The volunteers will organize free time activities (e.g. workshops, trips to the lake, games, sport activities, etc.) for people with mental and physical disabilities. The activities for them will be
creative, musical, rhythmic, sport or other workshops. The ideas for the activities are invented and created by the volunteers who want to help in social integration. The camp is THE event of the year in the life of the people with disabilities and not only for them but also for the whole Integra centre. The staff of social centre will be guiding the volunteers during the work. The working hours are from Monday to Friday divided as follows 4 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon. By participating to this project you contribute to reducing inequality within and among countries (UN SDG 10).

Accomodation and food

Lodging will be provided directly in the building of the Integra centre. The volunteers will be sleeping on the matrasses which include pillows and blankets. Breakfasts, lunches and dinners will be taken care off by local partner and on request, vegetarian meals can be provided. The centre has showers, facilities, hot water and wifi connection.

Location and leisure

The capital of Slovakia – Bratislava is situated in south-western part of Slovakia next to the border with Austria and Hungary. It has a fascinating history and culture, magnificent Old Town, picturesque castle on a hill just above the city, and – last but not least – the night life has a lot to offer too ;)

The volunteers will prepare the "Feast of cultures" - an international food evenings, and will join the “volunteering footprint” workshop. Our camps will follow the rules of the Sustainability campaign.

Project hosted by

Social center Integra provides care for young people and adults with heavy mental and physical disabilities and in lots of cases also for people with inhibited senses. Most of the people in social centre are in wheelchairs and visit the centre on daily, weekly or annual bases. The volunteers in the centre are breaking down the routine in the centre. The workcamps have been organized together with Integra since 2005. The young people with disabilities are looking forward to the workcamp and meeting the volunteers.

Directions to meeting point

Meeting point: Integra centre Tylova 21, Bratislava, 4.9. around 5 pm

Additional comments

Bring swimming suit, materials and pictures of your country, material which you could use in
your workshops, games, activities for clients, musical instrument to play nice music, some ideas for games with the youngsters and adults, your enthusiasm and a smile on your face :)


MOTIVATION LETTER IS NEEDED - write why you want to participate and how you want to contribute on this workcamp on at least ¾ A4.

COVID-19 rules: We can only accept volunteers who have valid COVID PASS until the end of the workcamp.

For more info about INTEGRA: or

Keď sa pridáš k nám získaš / zažiješ / spoznáš / naučíš sa...

Thanks to the participation in the workcamp you will:

  • gain new practical skills and soft skills

  • meet people from different cultures

  • improve your English

  • gain new friends

  • help where your help is needed


30 hodín / týždenne
  • stredoškoláka
  • vysokoškoláka
  • mladého profesionála (prac. skúsenosti do 3 rokov od ukončenia VŠ)
  • profesionála
  • jednorázovo