Michaela Kováčová

Michaela Kováčová
National Sales Director @ AIESEC in Slovakia
Faculty of Management, Comenius University , Bratislava, Medzinárodný manažment, 2022
Bratislava, Slovensko

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employer branding
sales strategy

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"Tetris is not just a game, it is a lifestyle."

Hi people, welcome.👋 To little bit introduce myself, I am currently a student at FMUK and working as People Manager (HR) at the startup Blockmate. I thrive on challenges and am always seeking opportunities for personal and professional growth. Rather than taking the easy path, I seek out obstacles that will push me forward, no matter how difficult they may be. I am committed to taking ownership of my responsibilities and finding ways to help others grow.

I am often described by those around me as an energetic person who approaches tasks with a "Gizka style" mentality, meaning I tackle problems head-on. I believe in always giving 120% effort and consider strategy and planning to be essential components of any successful project.

To back up my words with action, I have compiled a list of my key accomplishments over the past three years:
📍Received an award for best branch performance in terms of member satisfaction, budget contribution, engagement, membership experience, and sales, evaluated over the course of the entire year
📍Recognized for achieving the most productive area in the winter semester in Slovakia within AIESEC (Partnership Development)
📍Successfully launched the sales area with practically no established foundation
📍Organized and executed a national webinar with a reach of over 30,000 and 35 participants
📍Led 5 teams and managed 41 people over the span of 4 years
📍Organized and facilitated a panel discussion on sustainability with Simplicity as a guest speaker

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Pracovné skúsenosti

People Manager @ Blockmate.io
⚡️ Set up hiring pipelines and approach candidates ⚡️ Help to create the right hiring plan & strategy according to company values (and budget possibilities) ⚡️ Build a strong network and community of tech enthusiasts and SW Engineers ⚡️ Build a relationship with top Universities in the region ⚡️ Help with events (workshops, hackathons, tech talks, conferences) coordination ⚡️ Build content strategy, employer branding, and elevate PR strategies ⚡️ Help with setting up competency models, salary & equity framework (depending on the location and business model) ⚡️ Help to set up preboarding and onboarding plans ⚡️ Attend conferences to promote Blockmate’s initiatives
2023 - súčasnosť
National Sales Director @ AIESEC in Slovakia
2023 - súčasnosť
People Team Intern @ Powerful Medical
👨‍💻Powerful Medical is a deep-tech company, tackling the most challenging opportunities of modern medicine with AI and other innovative technologies.💙 🚀Hiring: conducting hiring activities, such as screening junior profiles and selecting candidates for further screenings ✨Onboarding&Offboarding: Co-creating and executing onboarding agendas to ensure a smooth transition for new hires, preparation of legal documents, support by on and offboarding of employees 💙Employer Branding: developing employer branding strategies, including coordinating with marketing to manage our community Instagram and researching potential employer branding activities ➡️(@lifeatpowerfulmedical) 🎮Community Management: managing our community by planning and organizing internal events such as pumpkin carving, Christmas party, and community breakfast, PowerfulTalks, Powerful Library, Monthly Breakfast, etc. 🌸Office management: taking care of kitchen, supplying of food, preparing food for events, etc. 💻ATS: Implementing and customizing an ATS to meet the needs of our people team, data import
2022 - 2023
HR Intern @ HB Reavis
Sourcing & Recruitment activities: 👩🏼‍💻screening of potential candidates 💡 creating job postings on Profesia.sk, LinkedIn and official web page 📲 approaching candidates on LinkedIn ☎️ scheduling interviews for Germany, Slovakia, Poland and United Kingdom Event management: 🚀 organizing onboarding for all the committees in HB Reavis (PL, UK, DE, SK, CZ, LUX) 📨logistics (preparing catering/food, sending invitation mails, co-creating agenda (based on participants feedback), etc.
2022 - 2022


Medzinárodný manažment
Faculty of Management, Comenius University , Bratislava
1st year of studies: 📍Basics about german speaking countries (establishing a company, law specifics, geography) 📍Management (structure of companies, history, type of employee motivation, globalisation) 📍Economics (micro and macro economy) 📍Informatics (working with Outlook, Excel, Word) 📍Accounting (principles, methodology) 2nd year of studies: 📍Accounting (using in paxis) 📍Statistics 📍International business 📍Politics in German speaking countries (Germany, Austria, parties, economics) 📍Personal management (Human resources topics: fluctuation, recruitiment, personal planning, education of employees, performance management)
2019 – 2022
Strategic Management
Faculty of Management, Comenius University , Bratislava
2022 – 2020
Gymnázium Trebišovská 12
Neferia: creating own product, strategies how to sell the products, creation of presentation and delivery of final product Compilation of toys and clothes for children from the orphanage: creation of marketing materials, management of volunteers Graduation in this fields: -Social science: Economics, Politics, Sociology, Philosophy -Mathematics -English (B2 level, upper intermediate) -German (C1 level, advanced)
2011 – 2019

Doplnkové aktivity a úspechy

Manager of Volunteering Exchanges at AIESEC
▪️Leading 7 members of funcional area (one Team Leader, Coordinator for International Relations, 5 members) ▪️Sorting right candidates for internships ▪️Working with internal database system ▪️Active work with marketing division (development of attraction strategies for potential customers) ▪️Another responsibilities: tracking development of members, tracking progress of their work, planning strategic goals for next month, semester, responsible for education of all members
Manager of Partnership Development at AIESEC
▪️creating national portfolio sold in Nitra and Bratislava ▪️sales strategies implementation ▪️concentration on Corporate Social Responsibility activities ▪️enabling companies to get in touch with young and proactive generation (in this position companies are delivering workshops, webinars, join national conferences (capacity from 50-100 members in AIESEC))
Branch Manager at AIESEC
-leading 17 people, 5 directly -leading the decision making process of the whole local committee in Bratislava -strategical planning, crisis management, providing development and capacity buildig spaces -external representation: managing relations with the universities, NGOs cooperation -final responsible for: financial profitability, HR sustainability and growth of the local committee.


  • startupu
  • dlhšiu dobu, aj niekoľko týždňov
  • osobné stretnutia
  • na diaľku (online)
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