Slovak PRO

Slovak PRO

N/A, 10010, New York, USA
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new york
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O organizácii

Connecting, supporting, and empowering the Slovak professional community in the United States.

Slovak PRO is a community-based non-profit organization that offers professional, cultural, and educational opportunities for Slovaks in New York and, more broadly, in the U.S.

The organization began in 2001 as the Young Slovak Professionals Network, and was later reborn as Slovak PRO. What started as small meetups has grown into an engaged community of 2,500+ members who are proud of Slovakia and committed to creating opportunities for their fellow Slovak professionals.

Slovak PRO organizes events focused on networking, cultural exchange, and personal development. Beyond organizing the well-attended events, Slovak PRO’s team supports other organizations in their activities in order to build a strong community of Slovaks around the world.

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