Príležitosť Mastership in UX Research | Ethnio business success story from California

Mastership in UX Research | Ethnio business success story from California

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Are you looking for inspiration and insights from masters of their own craft? Are you interested in business and design? We prepared a special online summer lecture with Nate Bolt, an expert in UX design from California who will provide you with unique and valuable insights. Nate Bolt founded and ran several companies and sold one of them to the tech giant Facebook.

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13. 9. 2021 o 18:00 (CET)
Lifbee Academy: Nate Bolt


If you're a student, entrepreneur, or a future CEO then the knowledge which you'll learn will definitely come in handy. User experience or UX is one of the most important elements in modern business. Nate will show you how he used it to build successful businesses. His story will inspire you to use this knowledge in your future endeavors.

Nate Bolt will tell you about his story as an entrepreneur; how he ran Bolt|Peters and sold it to Facebook, how he worked for Facebook as a researcher, and how he founded his current venture Ethnio. He will talk about the things he has learned from these experiences and what it has taught him both about UX and business. You'll walk away from this talk knowing how you can approach improving the user experience of your own product and how to improve your own business.

This lecture will be held on September 13th over Zoom at 18:00 Central European Time.
To sign up for this free online event at the link below:

18:00 Lecture: Mastership in UX Research
18:30 Discussion
19:00 Closing Remarks

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Lifbee Academy: Nate Bolt

Nate Bolt, the founder of Ethnio and a former design research manager at Facebook and Instagram, is an expert in UX research. He was also the CEO of Bolt | Peters, which was acquired by Facebook in 2012. Through his experience, he has become one of the leading experts in user experience and interaction design.

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