Senior Backend Engineer

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backend engineer
backend developer
python developer
python engineer
umelá inteligencia
office (Bratislava)
Work time:
Job type:
2500 - 5000 € / mon
(depending on seniority) + equity
Last update: 6. 12. 2023

Job description

At Powerful Medical, we are bringing cutting-edge AI to the frontlines of the medical field. Our primary product, PMcardio, is a clinical assistant application that helps doctors diagnose and treat cardiovascular diseases. Every application needs a solid scalable API backend, which is where you come in. We are looking for skilled talented software engineers, who can take on the challenges of creating medical-grade systems and help us make the dream of AI-powered healthcare a reality.

Your role

  • API design – Communication with other teams and designing the architecture of our systems.

  • Backend development – Creation of backend systems in a reliable, secure and scalable way

  • Database integration – Design the schemas you need for persistent data and use them in your service

  • Testing – There is no room for error in medical devices and testing is how we ensure our systems are solid

  • Communication with the product team – Our final product specification comes from a collaborative effort between the product and development teams

  • Communication with the Infrastructure team – As the backbone of our systems, the infrastructure will also host the services you create. For this the Backend and Infra teams closely cooperate.

Who are we looking for

At Powerful Medical we believe skills are transferable and the concrete technologies are less relevant than the actual experience one has applying them. So we split this section into two parts, the experience you need to have and the technology we use (so you know what to expect).

Experience you need

  • Experience creating API backend services

  • Experience creating systems that work at scale with large amount of clients

  • Knowledge of backend-database communication

  • Confidence dealing with the challenges that come from concurrency

  • Confidence with Version Control

  • Respect for the production environment and data safety

Technology we use

  • Python all the way! All our systems are written in Python with a strong emphasis on type hinting wherever possible

  • The FastAPI microframework

  • Postgres for our database

  • A lot of AWS technologies – This is the part you would cooperate with the Infra team on

Why should you choose us

At Powerful Medical, we are building a global life-saving technology. Our certified product diagnoses cardiovascular diseases (#1 cause of death globally) by scanning ECGs using AI and machine learning. We’re currently cooperating with several leading healthcare providers within UK and the EU and are backed by European and Israeli VCs.


Start date

ASAP (by agreement)

For whom

  • Professional

About organization


At Powerful Medical, we are building global life-saving technology. Our certified products diagnose cardiovascular diseases, the #1 cause of death globally, using AI and machine learning. We are backe..

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