Shimpy Kumari

Shimpy Kumari
Entrepreneur @ Conscious Leadership Slovakia
Bratislava, Bratislavský kraj, Slovensko

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I am here to enable you to reach your highest potential through excellence, curiosity, and service. I like to work with individuals and teams and help them unblock mental barriers leading to inner fulfillment and joy, both at work and in their personal lives.

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Viac o mne

My name is Shimpy. I have been living and working in Slovakia for more than six years. Moving abroad alone in my twenties has taught me not only resilience and humility in my personal life but also how to adapt my mental habits and patterns without compromising my inner values to strike just the right balance to live an optimal life.

I have worked in multiple companies and cultures in both engineering and leadership roles and have gone through multi-layered challenges. I have held so many identities, all at the same time: being an Indian expat, a woman of color in an engineering role, the youngest leader in my organization, and so on. This has posed immense challenges in my life and enabled me to navigate some of the most complex situations without losing grace and humility as a human being.

I now teach many leaders, men, and women, through the lens of my experience and help them by offering a new paradigm.

I hope to help you in your project, in your career, in your business, or even in your self-improvement journey.

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Entrepreneur @ Conscious Leadership Slovakia
2024 - súčasnosť

Hobby, záujmy

I like to take walks in the forest and discuss philosophies, leadership, quantum mechanics, epistemology, and everything bizarre.


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