Business Data Analyst

Bratislava, Prague, Brno, Kosice, Budapest or remote
Čerstvý absolvent vysokej školy, Mladý profesionál (prac. skúsenosti do 3 rokov od ukončenia VŠ), Profesionál
data analysis
data models
Ihneď (dohodou)
Trvalý pracovný pomer
typ pracovnej ponuky
2500 - 3500
EUR / mesiac
Our benefit package includes full-day catering, concierge service to help you with personal chores, and many other ways in which we can make your day better. You will have direct access to our board of directors which will be a great learning & career opportunity.

GROWNi je #NeziskovyProjekt. Ak si cez nás nájdeš prácu v komerčnej firme, tvoj nový zamestnávateľ prispeje na chod celej rozvojovej platformy. Ďakujeme, že sa hlásiš cez GROWNi a tým podporuješ našu #Udržateľnosť!

Náplň práce

In your new position you will

  • Work under our CFO and work closely with the board of directors.

  • Design relevant metrics to track and report for our businesses.

  • Architecture and set up relevant data gathering processes.

  • Work closely with the engineering team on automating the calculation of the most important metrics.


After a discussion with our sales & recruitment teams, you will realize we need to rethink the way we report & forecast our utilization rates. You will have a discussion with our delivery team to set up a process to track needed data. You will create a set of charts that display our utilization rate and it’s time evolution. You set up a process to update it regularly with our finance team.

Koho hľadáme

The Vacuum group currently spans through 10 different companies across legal, healthcare, engineering, and data science sectors. With more than 300 people on-site and our appetite for further growth, we can’t afford to fly blind. We need to deeply understand our revenues, gross margins, talent utilization rates, conversion rates, recruitment performance, and tons of other metrics. Your job will be to understand what metrics we need, define them, and make sure all the data are correct and presented in the right format.

You are right fit for this position if you

  • Have a natural feel for numbers and data. You can understand business reasoning behind fuzzy terms such as “utilization” and translate it into unambiguous mathematical definition.

  • You seek to understand the business behind the numbers. You don’t stop until you fully understand every single detail.

  • You can choose the right formats for presentation of data. You know when to use a pie chart, histogram, or when line plot is the best.

  • You can work with spreadsheets, and don’t fear a little bit of scripting to process data if needed.

Are you a number cruncher who speaks human language? Then Vacuum Group needs you!

Prečo si vybrať nás

Ten years ago, we founded Vacuumlabs—currently a leading Slovak digital product design and engineering company. Vacuumlabs focuses on fintech & cryptocurrencies. We have projects and clients ranging from San Francisco to Tokyo, we are expanding our team of 250+ professionals across offices on three continents (Honk Kong, New York, London, Bratislava, Prague, Kosice, Brno, Budapest).

Few years ago we started launching our own products and spinoffs. Our successful spin offs include legal advisory for tech companies and for individuals, automatic trademark registration, famous developer conference, US digital bank, top ADA cryptocurrency wallet, COVID testing service, first co-working space in Slovakia, and data science company.