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Mladý profesionál (prac. skúsenosti do 3 rokov od ukončenia VŠ), Profesionál
saas marketing
growth hacking
marketing automation
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sales strategy
project management
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GROWNi je #NeziskovyProjekt. Ak si cez nás nájdeš prácu v komerčnej firme, tvoj nový zamestnávateľ prispeje na chod celej rozvojovej platformy.
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Náplň práce

·         Lead generation and customer acquisition in the subscription model.

·         Building customer loyalty and reducing churn.

·         Key SaaS marketing metrics.

·         Using inbound marketing tactics such as content marketing at different stages of the funnel.

·         Using email marketing and marketing automation to onboard users or upgrade them from free trial.

·         Finding ways to optimize conversion (growth hacking).

·         SaaS customer service.

·         Finding ways to tie the user path inside the platform to the marketing activities outside it so that they all create consistent journey for our customers.

·         Differentiation on the market, positioning, and messaging.

·         A/B testing and analyzing results.

Koho hľadáme

·         A good knowledge of the domain: SaaS sales cycle.

·         Research. The audience, the market, the competition. Knowing where to look and what to look for to create a winning sales strategy.

·         Project management. To have a good grasp of how to manage a project. From planning to measuring outcomes and setting marketing budgets.

·         Basic tech skills (or at least an understanding.) Be able working with tech people like developers. Ability of basic understanding of software to define and communicate its benefits for the end customer.

·         A keen eye for design and UX. Ability to tell good design from bad design and understand user behavior with respect to online software. 

·         Analytical skills. Ability to combine creativity with a data-oriented approach, to be able to dig in the heaps of data available online and optimize the strategy to continually improve the results.

·         Knowledge of psychology and persuasion tactics, letting you create compelling communication and effective marketing funnels.

·         The ability (and willingness) to learn. We look for someone who can learn fast as the digital space is changing all the time, with new tech coming up and new algorithms developed. We need someone who can keep up. 

Prečo si vybrať nás

SmartHead is young and vibrant company with a start up culture. We are still growing, still learning and pushing the limits of our capabilities.

If you are interested to learn, come with new solutions and communicate them to our potential business partners then join us during the most exciting stage of our business development.

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Dodatočné informácie

Interview process will consist of a recruiter screen, skills assessment and final call with our CEO and Co- Founder.