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GROWNi je #NeziskovyProjekt. Ak si cez nás nájdeš prácu v komerčnej firme, tvoj nový zamestnávateľ prispeje na chod celej rozvojovej platformy. Ďakujeme, že sa hlásiš cez GROWNi a tým podporuješ našu #Udržateľnosť!


Prírodné vedy, matematika a informatika
1. ročník bakalárskeho štúdia


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Náplň práce

As a Technical Writer Intern, you will be responsible for documenting various product features and putting together business use cases to enable our clients to use Exponea independently. Our documentation is heavily used by our customers as well as our consultants as a central source of truth. Hence, it is a crucial aspect that supports our scalability and efficiency. Your job will include the following:

  • Making sure upcoming features are documented before each product update. You will need to work with the product team to understand what changes are planned and how they affect the product.

  • Improving the documentation of existing features based on feedback from our clients, consultants, and the support team.

  • Writing business use cases to enable our users to independently do more things in Exponea. You will need to work with our consultants to understand how features work and how they are applied in a business context.

  • Making Exponea more usable by improving the in-app experience and language used.

  • You will be passively exposed to technical aspects of the product, which can range from basic HTML, CSS and JS to working with webhooks, APIs or Jinja. It is up to you how much you want to learn by yourself or cooperate with our technical consultants.

  • Depending on your availability, there are a number of initiatives that you can own and push forward, such as improving user onboarding, using Exponea to analyze engagement with our documentation and implement automated communication with users, and much more.

Koho hľadáme

The person we’re looking must have/be:

  • Independent, responsible, and a fast learner. One of our core values is “Responsible freedom” – you will have vast freedom in execution provided your outputs are timely and of high quality.

  • Excellent command of English.

  • Attention to detail – the guides must be understandable for a diverse spectrum of readers.

  • Assertive communication  you may find challenges during your work that would require further clarification and cooperation with multiple people. 

  • Basic understanding of HTML, CSS, Jinja, and Javascript is an asset. You won’t need to do any coding yourself, nor is it an application requirement, but familiarity and understanding of website mechanics will come in handy.

Prečo si vybrať nás

This is a great opportunity for anybody who is interested in how a world-class SaaS product is being built, want to sharpen their conceptual thinking, writing skills, technical business knowledge, communication, and time-management skills. All of this at a company whose main values are customer love, integrity, and entrepreneurship.

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