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gas detection
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700 - 1400 €

Náplň práce

We are looking for new members of our R&D team to be responsible and drive following areas: 

●      Mechatronics design and production - design and develop improvements for the existing products and for new products

●      Optoelectronic design -  design and improvements of optical elements of our detectors

●      Laser design and production - design and improvement of tune-able CO2 lasers

●      Software development - software both for PC for control of our detectors, smart algorithms for scanning of environment and software for internal processors in our detectors

Koho hľadáme

●      You are the best, you stick-out from your peers

●      You want to work for a Slovak company that is the top player in the industry

●      You are driven, result oriented, and have a strong desire for impact

●      You love technology and have technical background

●      Your English is excellent

●      You are responsible, willing to learn, to work hard and to play hard

●      You want to disrupt status quo of the industry

Prečo si vybrať nás

SEC Technologies is a slovak company with unique technology that is challenging global giants in the industry. Our product Falcon 4G is outperforming the state-of-the-art solutions by a factor of 30-100x. We need young, motivated and smart people to help us grow and make a difference in the world. Job at SEC Technologies will be challenging. There will be times when you would feel like quitting, there will be times when you will not get enough sleep. If You are looking for a job with a comfortable chair and car provided by an employer, this is not for you. But if You are willing to invest, want to grow personally and professionally, willing to work hard, we will be happy to talk to You. Join us and drive the revolution from Slovakia!

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O organizácii

SEC Technologies, s.r.o. is a young and dynamic company building on 30 years of R&D in the area of opto-electronics. The company has developed the only active stand-off detector of chemical warfar..
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