Dobrovoľnícky projekt ECO - Slatinka - dobrovoľnícky tábor

ECO - Slatinka - dobrovoľnícky tábor

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24. júl 2022
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Live in peace with nature and learn about other cultures at Eco-Slatinka! Don’t miss your adventure in Slovakia and help with cleaning the area in Slatinka: cutting the grass, taking care of the trees, cleaning the educational trail.

DATES: 24.7. 2022 - 7.8. 2022

TYP: environmental help


PLACE: Slatinka (Zvolen)


It is necessery to send an application form:

Volunteering help

The work will be done around and in the village of Slatinka and in the city park in Zvolen. The volunteers will help with cleaning the area in Slatinka: cutting the grass, taking care of the trees, cleaning the educational trail. They will be helping also at the park of Lanice, close to the town of Zvolen. The working hours are from Monday to Friday divided as follows: 4 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon. There are no special skills required. By participating to this project you contribute to protecting sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems (UN SDG 15).

Accomodation and food

Volunteers will stay at a local school called the Eco Center. The center has an outdoor shower that requires participants to manually heat the water before each shower, and the toilets are dry (outhouses). There will not be access to running water, so water will be delivered or taken from a well pump for showers. Drinkable water will be provided by the local partner. On-site access to electricity and mobile signal is available. There are two bedrooms with mattresses, but a sleeping bag is required. Meals will be prepared by the volunteers themselves. Volunteers will be divided in the kitchen teams and cook together; the groceries will be provided. The food will be mostly vegetarian.

Location and leisure

Slatinka is a little village near Zvolen located in the Central part of Slovakia. The village is surrounded by beautiful nature with many touristic routes and hiking opportunities. The volunteers may visit Zvolen, where they will find a castle, a historical center and other interesting sites. There will be some free time activities planned by leaders of camp such as games, workshops, trips.

The workcamp will have a rich environmental study part as the local partner is an ecologically-focused organization. Volunteers will learn about environmental protection efforts in Slovakia and all the issues related to the dam construction. Participants will also learn about the history of Slatinka and Zvolen. The workcamp will be visited by INEX Messenger who will organize a workshop focused on current issues in Europe. The volunteers will prepare the "Feast of cultures" - an international food evenings, and will join the “volunteering footprint” workshop. Our camps will follow the rules of Sustainability campaign.

Project hosted by

The Slatinka Association was established in 1993 as a reaction to the construction of the Slatinka water dam on the Slatina River. The association’s mission is to work at the basin of the Slatina River, to protect the environment and preserve natural areas while spreading consciousness of the project’s effects on nature. One of their main aims is to bring life back to the village of Slatinka, since many people had to leave due to the dam construction. Workcamps like this one have been organized in Slatinka since 2011.

Directions to meeting point

After arriving to Bratislava take train or bus to Zvolen. Please keep in mind that the journey from Bratislava to Zvolen takes around 3 hours. So please plan your journey to Bratislava with arrival in the morning.

Meeting point: Bus station in Zvolen, om 24.07.2022 around 5 pm.

Additional comments

Bring a sleeping bag, working clothes, warm clothes, cap, raincoat, strong boots, swimming suit, headlamp and a smile on your lips :) You may also bring musical instruments and USB with your favourite songs from your country to share/play with the group.


The camp is for nature and ecology lovers! Mostly vegetarian food and eco camp!
For more info and pictures about the project please see:, or
can also watch video from workcamp in Slatinka:

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Thanks to the participation in the workcamp you will:

  • gain new practical skills and soft skills

  • meet people from different cultures

  • improve your English

  • gain new friends

  • help where your help is needed


30 hodín / týždenne
  • stredoškoláka
  • vysokoškoláka
  • mladého profesionála (prac. skúsenosti do 3 rokov od ukončenia VŠ)
  • profesionála
  • jednorazovo